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CSAC selective enforcement on Pankration with Mixed Gender and Headgear!


COURTNEY CARDOZA is fighting and pinning a boy, while not wearing headgear! AMAZING

The CSAC wants to cut out Mixed Gender competition for Pankration even though all other sports and combat sports allow it in California. Even the California State Wrestling Championships.

Also the CSAC wants to force Pankration Kids to wear headgear even though there are no head strikes in Pankration and they spend less time on the Mat than wrestling.

This is going to open up huge lawsuits if they enforce these rules on Pankration without enforcing them on all other combat sports.

Huge education needed for this CSAC and Pankration Subcommittee.

The worst yet is they have declared Pankration Full Contact a Martial Art with no Head strikes allowed. Claiming Matial Arts that do head strikes where you can win by knockout LIGHT CONTACT. Something is wrong with this picture here.

Courtney (The Dragon) Cardoza can fight mixed gender in Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and all other Combat sports in California but now can’t in Pankration. She competes against boys in all categories and wins. Also she does not need head gear in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling but is required to wear Head Gear only in Pankration where no head strikes are allowed similar to wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. This CSAC needs to Wake Up!

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Octagon Nation Truth!

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This is the true story how Greg Kazja Patschull got his creation the Octagon approved for MMA. It was first approved by CSAC and written in the rules in 1999 that the Octagon was to be used for MMA. Greg Kazja Patschull received the first License for MMA in 2000. He had Pay Per View and a deal with Sean Perry of Endeavor. Endeavor wanted to put his events on channel 13. He was introduced by Howard Schultz of Light Hearted Entertainment. Also Brad Kreisberg wanted to do a deal with Kazja. He is the Director of Jersey Shore.
Thomas Mark of Global Entertainment wanted Kazjas show on Pay Per View but said that to get on Pay Per View he had to get the sport approved in Nevada where there offices and corporation was. When Kazja first called he spoke to Kirk Hendrik who was the deputy attorney general for the gaming and NSAC. He said that the State will not approve the sport. Could this be because Lorenzo Fertitta was on the NSAC at the time. By now you all are aware of Kazjas attitude and fighting spirit. Kazja then told Kirk Hendrik that he was going to come there and do his event and that they will have to arrest him because he was coming there no matter what. Well a week went by and Kirk Hendrik called Kazja and told him to come down and help write the rules. Kirk Hendrik is now the Attorney for UFC/Zuffa and works directly with Lorenzo Fertiitta ex director for NSAC and owner of the UFC. note: (Kirk Hendrik also told Kazja not to say he had Pay Per View and he will get licensed).

Octagon Originator Octagon and MMA Approval ( part 2 ) After Greg Kazja Patschull went to Nevada and helped in passing of the rules for MMA Marc Ratner the EO of the NSAC called him and asked if he could help in passing the Octagon in Nevada because the NSAC commissioners shot the Octagon down and wanted only a boxing ring for MMA. So Kazja drafted up a letter for the NSAC commissioners going in detail why he created the Octagon. He said that instead of having a square cage where fighters can easily get pinned in the corners he made it in a shape of an octagon so fighters couldn’t easily be pinned in the corners. It was made of fence material so fighters would not fall out of the ring and injure any spectator or themselves. (A circle would have been best but in 1992 there was no way of making a circular cage).

Octagon Originator Octagon and MMA Approval (part 3) In the letter Kazja said the Octagon was especially created for MMA for the safety of the fighter and the spectator. Imagine a hockey event with no plastic see through walls around the ring. The spectatorswould be in danger from the puck flying in the audience and injuring a spectator. As for seeing and filming through a cage it is no problem. Drive by a school playground and I bet you can see clearly all the children playing in the yard. Well Marc Ratner EO of the NSAC got back to Kazja and said thanks that the Octagon was approved by the Commission. But the NSAC was only going to allow the UFC to use the Octagon in Nevada. Kazja then told Marc Ratner that he will send all the proof and documentation that he had the copyright and first in use rights for the Octagon. After Marc Ratner received the documentation from Kazja, Kazja received a phone call from Zuffa on his home phone asking him if he was planning to sue Zuffa on the Octagon. Kazja said possibly. Zuffa then said do you know who we are? We are millionaires, we will squash you. Guess what Marc Ratner and Krk Hendrik both were NSAC members and now work for Zuffa/UFC. Lorenzo Fertitta was a Commissioner of the NSAC and is owner of Zuffa/UFC. Go figure. Now they are squashing my Octagon Nation creation and business. ( more to come )

Octagon Originator Octagon and MMA Approval ( part 4 ) The greatest of what happened after MMA was approved in California and the final day of approval of MMA by NSAC. The NSAC/Marc Ratner informed all the interested parties and all the MMA promoters who were currently doing MMA events on Indian Reservations and Kazja who was doing off Indian reservations MMA events in California useing his creation the Octagon. Marc Ratner the EO of the NSAC at the time but now employed by Zuffa/UFC now told all parties to attend the hearing so the rules will be finalized. He also said nonew MMA licenses will go out on this day that they are going to just approve the sport. If this was true we would have all had a fair chance. Zuffa/UFC did not have a license at the time. Well when we all showed up for the hearing Zuffa was on the agenda to hold there first MMA event in Nevada. They did not have a license but had a pay per view deal and used a Casinos boxing license to pull of the first MMA sanctioned event for Pay Per View before anyone else could. Lorenzo Fertittas ties with the NSAC at the time and the hiring of Kirk Hendrik the ex Deputy Attorney for gaming and NSAC paid off. ( more to come with proof Kazja attended the hearing)

Octagon Originator Octagon and MMA Approval (part5) Now it is 2001 and MMA is approved in Nevada by NSAC the CSAC now has banned MMA after it was approved in 2000 by them and after they issued a license to Kazja. Go figure why this all of a sudden happened.